Give your employees valuable benefits without costing you a dime… or lifting a finger*

*that’s right, we do all the work for you!


It’s not every day you can give your employees valuable benefits without it costing the company a fortune or causing more work than it’s worth. New to Sudbury…


We get it, the minimum wage increase is going to have an impact on your businesses, but that doesn’t mean you need to start cutting benefits. In fact, now’s a perfect time to rise up from the revolts and boycotts and look like a super star to your employeesand all without costing you a dime.



With our Wash & Fold Benefits Partnership, your staff can have all their laundry DONE FOR THEM, for pennies on the dollar, and all thanks to you.

And did I mention…. all at NO cost to you?

The truth is, life gets busy.

Your employees spend more than half their waking hours working for you, now you can give them back some of that time.

From getting the kids ready for school, to spending 8 hours a day at work, to making dinner, helping with homework, taking care of chores, doing the laundry, and let’s not forget the times that they have to take home any work, we can only HOPE we find some way to relax, unwind and maybe, just maybe, get some social time in.

To be honest, how can anyone expect to perform at their best at work with a schedule like that? And we all know what the shorter winter days means does to employee morale… “I get to work when it’s dark, and I get home when it’s dark”.

Let me ask you this…

How happy, productive and friendly would your employees be if they got home every day and their laundry was all done for them?

We’re talking washed, dried and folded like new. Fresh, clean and DONE. As an exclusive business partner with Done For You Laundry, your employees receive a 25% discount on all their laundry needs.

You’d be the super star – and they’d be your biggest fans, getting more done at work, engaging with clients with a new pep in their step, and feeling valued on the job.

Happy employees mean happy customers, and happy profits.